EPISODE 1 - The Funeral

Against every fiber of her being, Tracy has to return to the small town she grew up in for her mother's funeral. In typical Tracy fashion she arrives late. Her father is there but her deadbeat brother has already skipped town. So it's up to Tracy to deliver her mother's eulogy, something that's difficult for her to do with her...condition. The next day, Tracy stops by the BEAUTY, the best salon in town, to say hi to Dawn the owner. There she runs into Mrs. Kinders, Mrs. Shorter, and Mrs. Tallwood who hold court each day in the BEAUTY, and have quite a bit of influence in the town. Tracy needs work and Dawn offers for her to work at the BEAUTY while she's in town, a prospect that Mrs. Kinders doesn't approve of. Now Tracy needs to learn how to adapt back to life in a small town.

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