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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the creators of Fine in Dandee!  Please enjoy a very special holiday message from the townsfolk and a few visitors.

Where There's Smoke

When a fire breaks out at the Beauty, Paul leaps into action, and the townsfolk - mostly the townswomen - hail him as a hero.  Tracy ponders her relationship with the newcomer Paul...

Pumpkin Spice Dandee

Tracy goes into a tailspin when she realizes pumpkin spice lattes don't exist in Dandee.  As she seeks the elusive beverage, her friends help her navigate the first Thanksgiving wi...

An Anonymous Donor

The church is seeking donations for its well building project, after losing one of its most generous donors.  Tracy agrees to help and winds up making a shocking discovery in the D...


When a traffic jam clogs the streets of Dandee with out-of-towners, Tracy sees a business opportunity.  Later, with Paul's help, she makes a discovery concerning her mother.

A pop-up thunderstorm over Dandee sends the town into a panic.  With a tornado on the ground, Tracy realizes there's one thing she needs to keep safe.

A newcomer turns up at The Beauty...and he has an intriguing offer for Tracy: the chance to become a reality TV star.  Only Mrs. Kinders stands in her way. 

As the Dandee Homecoming Parade draws near, Tracy is thrust into the spotlight to represent the Beauty with a float.  Meanwhile, there's trouble in paradise for Matt and Ashley, an...


As a bad storm rolls through town, Tracy finds herself living in a new where Mrs. Kinders has a smartphone.  And when Mrs. Kinders' Gen-Z niece comes to town for a ho...

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