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When Tracy goes missing, the townsfolk of Dandee pull out all the stops to find her.

Paul and Mrs. Kinders don't see eye to eye about his idea to bring solar panels to Dandee.  Mrs. Kinders puts Tracy in an impossible position when she cashes in on a favor Tracy ow...

While Paul takes Tracy out for a shoe-shopping trip, her friends in Dandee plan a surprise birthday party for her. 

Ever the entrepreneur, Paul opens an Air B&B in his home.  But when Mrs. Kinders gets involved, Tracy takes matters into her own hands. 

Ashley asks to interview Tracy for a school assignment, and Tracy reflects on her past - and future - in Dandee.

For her New Year's resolution, Tracy tries to make some healthy changes in her life. But sometimes change happens too fast.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the creators of Fine in Dandee!  Please enjoy a very special holiday message from the townsfolk and a few visitors.

When a fire breaks out at the Beauty, Paul leaps into action, and the townsfolk - mostly the townswomen - hail him as a hero.  Tracy ponders her relationship with the newcomer Paul...

Tracy goes into a tailspin when she realizes pumpkin spice lattes don't exist in Dandee.  As she seeks the elusive beverage, her friends help her navigate the first Thanksgiving wi...

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