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As Tracy welcomes newcomer Kat to The Beauty, a distant figure from Mrs. Tallwood's past returns to Dandee. 

The Chosen One

Tracy has decided who she wants to give her heart to, but change is afoot in Dandee, and...well...change isn't Tracy's strong suit.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Kinders confronts her new sworn...

The Aftermath

It's been over a month since Paul AND Jed simultaneously declared their love for Tracy.  And Tracy has been gone ever since.  As gossip runs rampant through the town, Mrs. Kinders ...


In the Season 1 finale, the #TeamPaul and #TeamJed camps are tearing the town apart, as Tracy agonizes over her choice between Dandee's two most eligible bachelors. 


Tracy and the crew at the Beauty are styling a bride and her wedding party. But when the bride gets cold feet, Tracy comes face to face with her own relationship woes.  


Jed works up the courage to invite Tracy on a hike - just the two of them.  But in Dandee, things rarely go as planned.


When Tracy goes missing, the townsfolk of Dandee pull out all the stops to find her.

Paul and Mrs. Kinders don't see eye to eye about his idea to bring solar panels to Dandee.  Mrs. Kinders puts Tracy in an impossible position when she cashes in on a favor Tracy ow...

While Paul takes Tracy out for a shoe-shopping trip, her friends in Dandee plan a surprise birthday party for her. 

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