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An Anonymous Donor

The church is seeking donations for its well building project, after losing one of its most generous donors.  Tracy agrees to help and winds up making a shocking discovery in the D...


When a traffic jam clogs the streets of Dandee with out-of-towners, Tracy sees a business opportunity.  Later, with Paul's help, she makes a discovery concerning her mother.

This Is Not a Drill

A pop-up thunderstorm over Dandee sends the town into a panic.  With a tornado on the ground, Tracy realizes there's one thing she needs to keep safe.

Reality Check

A newcomer turns up at The Beauty...and he has an intriguing offer for Tracy: the chance to become a reality TV star.  Only Mrs. Kinders stands in her way. 

Ointments & Appointments

As the Dandee Homecoming Parade draws near, Tracy is thrust into the spotlight to represent the Beauty with a float.  Meanwhile, there's trouble in paradise for Matt and Ashley, an...


As a bad storm rolls through town, Tracy finds herself living in a new where Mrs. Kinders has a smartphone.  And when Mrs. Kinders' Gen-Z niece comes to town for a ho...

The Stakeout

After a break-in at The Beauty, Jed and Paul reluctantly team up to do a stakeout and catch the intruder.  Mrs. Kinders lets down her guard just enough for Tracy to discover someth...

Yankee Doodle Dandee

On the day of Dandee's annual 4th of July Block Party, Mrs. Kinders & her crew come to The Beauty needing to look their best.  But after the power goes out, will Tracy be able ...


Tracy takes Paul on a drive through town to point out the sights. When Mrs. Shorter runs a stop sign in accordance with a unique town rule Paul is aghast. Tracy agrees to talk to M...

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